Products I’m Currently loving

I change or rotate products every now and then according to season, how my skin reacts, and even curiosity.

Here are some of my favorites this quarter.

Human Nature Healthy LotionHuman Nature Healthy Lotion Vanilla Delight. I bought the smaller one for testing and been using for almost a month.  I admire this healthy lotion’s  bed sweet perfume(because I’m a vanilla scent lover) – just the right vanilla smell that’s so pleasantly blended. You can smell your night wear in the morning and it’s still there. Bonus: It has avocado oil. I will repurchase.

VMV HypoallergenicsVMV Hypoallergenics Oil’s Well Nurturing Do-It-Oil. Got this as sample, and gladly it never broke me and I never had bad reactions from it. I mix it with my lotion, I use it to clean my baby’s ears and navel. This is a good product for the sensitive skin. It’s made with Organic virgin coconut oil, preservative and paraben-free, fragrance free, non-comedogenic and safe to use for babies.

Moringa-o herbal tonerMoringa-O Malunggay Herbal facial toner. I chose this toner because it is alcohol-free. Seriously, do you really want  alcohol on your face? It doesn’t sting and I don’t have breakouts. This is my 3rd bottle already. 🙂

Natural deodorant Milea All Organics Natural Deodorant. This is a spray deodorant that I got from Sesou. It’s a mixture of tea tree oil, lemongrass and tawas. Even though I sweat, I don’t have  the bad underarm odor. If you are looking for deodorants without the harsh chemicals, try this.

Safe Block Human NatureHuman Nature Safe block SPF 15. This is a helpful sunscreen that you can mix with your moisturizer. It’s targeted for those staying long in water under the sun because it’s reef-friendly. Again, 100% natural.

Avon Anew reversalistAvon Anew Reversalist Night cream. Prevention is better than cure, right? This product is intended for fine lines and wrinkles. Got this when it was on sale, and because I’m an Avon member, it’s another discount. The cream carries a nice scent, and it’s makes skin soft upon application. I like the glowing effect in the morning, my face feels hydrated. Of course all creams doesn’t work overnight for wrinkles.

Til next post,


50 thoughts on “Products I’m Currently loving

  1. I am loving HUMAN NATURE’s product also.. 🙂 Having the fact that they’re organic, also once you bought stuffs from them you’re also helping the producers (agriculture). 🙂

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  2. 2 brands to watch out: Moringa O and Human Nature!

    I am planning to hoard on HHN sunflower oil and Moring-O lotion.. now that you mention their toner, I might add that on my list!


  3. I have seen a banner of human nature seller in our neighborhood I am not just sure if they really are a seller of authentic if there’s such? Hehehe. How would I know?


    1. Hi Mommy Jen, I usually purchase online. Give the Human Nature head office a call if you are hesitant about the seller 🙂


  4. I’m so curious about the deodorant spray. I love Sesou products, and I always end up buying something new when I go into that store. It’s my sensitive skin’s dream come true.


    1. Yes, lots of stuff at Sesou. 🙂 The deodorant is a liquid spray and a mixture of tawas and essential oils.


  5. We love human nature too, but most of them are for my son’s needs like the shampoo, yes, the sun block and the insect repellant citronella spray. I still have to try that vanilla lotion..thanks for sharing this..


  6. I love vanilla too! I’ve got too many vanilla lotions here, haha. I’m curious to try the VMV Nurtiring Do-It-Oil, my son has eczema and it might be a good product to try on his dry patches. I’ve been meaning to buy the Moringa-O toner too, I’ve seen several bloggers post about it. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Among all these on your list I’ve only tried Human Nature’s Healthy Lotion in Vanilla Delight. I love how it smells too! Plus, I love that it goes light on the skin too.


  8. I don’t use beauty products at all – just the basic lotion and deo. It has got me thinking though. Maybe I should try to take better care of my skin and face now. This list gives me an idea of what I should start incorporating into my daily routine. Hehehe.


  9. I love MoringaO2 as well, their toner doesn’t sting and their soap doesn’t dry out my skin. I haven’t tried any HHN product yet, but it’s already on my list. 🙂


  10. I looove vanilla smell too but I tend to get skin allergies when I use scented products so now it’s unscented everything. Na-trauma na rin ako about trying out just any product, and with allergies, it doesn’t matter whether the product is natural or not, if you’re allergic, you’re allergic. but I miss being able to try out products!


  11. I love that you’re using mostly organics. 🙂 I love HHN products but it has been ages since I last visited the store near our house. I’d like to buy the vanilla-scented lotion as I am a vanilla lover too. I wonder if they have sprays? I remember my mom used to spray vanilla scent on my pillows since it helps me sleep better at night.


  12. In general, I’m not a fan of vanilla-scented anything, but I actually like those from Human ♥ Nature. The exfoliating soap and shampoo, for example. Haven’t tried this lotion though, I still have to finish my current tube.


    1. Lots of products..the baby shampoo and body wash is my daughter’s staple product 🙂 It’s nice to use when you know it has no harmful chemicals. 🙂


  13. Hi Cel! How much for the Human Nature Lotion? Ever since my Radiation therapy ended my skin is super duper dry even if I put lotion on it. I tried so many brands but yet my skin is still super dry. Love all the products you use. Specially the VMV Oil’s well.


  14. Hi Cel, what a great overview of some of your favorite products! I’ve never used Avon creams before and I’m currently on the hunt for a wrinkle-reducing serum or cream for my mom. How are you liking it so far and what’s the result been? 🙂 – Lena


    1. Hi Lena, this is a wonderful night cream because I have sensitive skin but it didn’t give me any breakouts. It kept my skin smooth in the morning. But when it comes to skin care, it’s still a case to case basis 🙂 I believe this Reversalist line from Avon has a serum too. Check it out sis! ♥


  15. Wow I have a big love for natural products and all things organic but I hadn’t heard of some of these products before. I am especially interested in the deodorant and the toner…well and let’s be honest the first lotion too. I too am a vanilla lover when it comes to lotions and candles. Thanks so much for sharing this!


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