Sante Pure Barley

I finally found a very good Barley product. The taste is perfect, not sweet.

DSC_6732Actually a fellow mom recommended this  supplement for her child who also has a seizure problem like Maia.

DSC_6731 DSC_6733We have to make sure their diet should be organic,  lactose-free, and no preservatives.

Sante Pure Barley is certified organic so I did not hesitate to buy a box which has 30 sachets.

Barley Facts
Barley (Hordeum vulgare) grows in over one hundred countries in the world. It is a grain plant like wheat, cereal, corn and rice.

Barley used to be the most important crop. In the ancient times, barley was regularly served in the variety of bread and porridge. It was Barley and neither wheat nor rice that was the primary grain of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Hebrews during the old ages.  -Sante Pure Barley

DSC_6735It’s very fine and it looks like green tea powder.

It dissolves easily even in cold water.

DSC_6745Healthy drink!

What’s your favorite supplement drink?



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