Medical cannabis – Is it about Time?

Forum poster
Photo from Medical cannabis policy forum

Last week hubby and I attended the Policy forum on Medical cannabis – Is it About Time?

It was well attended by panelists from FDA, DDB, PDEA, Senator Sotto, Congressman Albano, Rep. Vicente Belmonte, Atty. Rene Saguisag, Mr. Chuck Manansala (Medical cannabis Research Center), doctors, lawyers, parents and patients, students and guests.

medical cannabis forum at AIM
View from my seat

We heard all sides. We learned and we felt that people should have more compassion. It’s a matter of reaching out to people who need it. What’s more important – the law or life? Some fear the idea of addiction. Think alcohol, cigarettes, why are they legally sold? I cried each time a parent talked. Somehow, our hearts are connected.

This is my little girl Maia. She’s still struggling with seizures everyday.
DSC_6051bAt 2.6 years old, she still cannot talk, she doesn’t understand what you’re saying. She has no focus. Almost 90% of autistic features are present. If only our senators will understand how it feels to live with someone who has seizures everyday.

We won’t give up dear Maia. We love you so much. God is with us.

Is it about time? I do believe cannabis is medicine. 




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