Melchior & Balthazar Argan oil from Armand & Louise Ltd.

This goodie came at the perfect time! The cold weather’s taking a toll on my skin, making it dry and flaky. It’s time to throttle them with our precious oils! One of the best oils I’ve tried to date – the Melchior & Balthazar Argan oil. Owned by the Philipot brothers, this argan oil is cold pressed and handmade from the region of Ait-Baha, Morocco.

Melchior & Balthazar

It comes in a chic packaging I’ve seen for the argan oil line, elegant and just right. What I mean is that the pump doesn’t leak, it squirts what you really need. While the bottle is a bit heavy, it gives a sturdy container. Note also that the materials used are recyclable.



DSC_5473BWe know the power of oils to our skin. Hydration. Moisture. Healing. That’s why I always have my arsenal of oils at home.

This M&B argan oil have a subtle barely there aroma that is different with the ones I’ve tried before. I can describe it as the faintest soft & sweet aroma for an oil. I’ve tried on my face where lines are visible, and hurray! NO bumps! I definitely recommend this for the face.  I’m saving every little drop of this because it’s 100% pure and organic, nothing really added into it. It’s actually analyzed in a French lab with a remarkable quality, and Eco certified too.


This French brand is available in Asia already particularly in HongKong, in which Armand & Louise LTD is the exclusive distributor. The director, Ma. Luisa Villarojo is a flight attendant based in HongKong. They are currently looking into expanding here in the Philippines. The cost per bottle is KHD640(est. P3,750) for 100ml, and HKD380(est. P2,220) for a 50ml.  It is not cheap, but the quality is outstanding and the product itself is rare.


DSC_5469BBeautiful golden yellow color! No wonder they call it the liquid gold. I have always wanted organic products for  me and the family.

See you next post,


(Product is given free. All info are based on usage and honest opinion.)


4 thoughts on “Melchior & Balthazar Argan oil from Armand & Louise Ltd.

  1. I’ve tried it on. It’s so good for mosturizing skin and even for eczema! Thanks for the good sharing!


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