Our Special girl

I have been slacking on my posts lately, as it’s been a difficult time for me. After our visit with my daughter’s neuropedia, she confirmed Maia has special needs and I still find myself unable to accept it. Maybe because that one word means she’s different. But when I see my little one..I see the same girl I held since birth. It pains me to see her struggle to connect with us..I know she’s trying, but her condition is holding her back. She hasn’t even uttered a word yet, and I’m dying for her to call me ‘mama’. She doesn’t understand what we say to her, like get her ball, or go to daddy. It is even more tough because she is an only child.

There are stories and songs we’d like her to learn. A lot. But it’s definitely a challenge for us. With big hopes and prayers, we’re holding on she’d win this. Lord, you know what’s best.

Please give us the strength that we need.


See you next post,



21 thoughts on “Our Special girl

  1. I am one with you M. Everyday I check Maia’s blog, your baby is just really beautiful. (This is the first time I have read/seen this post). I can say that you, her daddy and everyone around her are doing their best (and really a good job) to make her the best that she is.
    There are strangers – people – around you who loves your princess.
    I am one of them.


      1. Hi M, I was thinking the same thing when I posted my comment. We will be coming home this year, we would love to finally meet you in person and your beautiful family. I hope we can be friends. Stay strong dear, I feel for you. I may not exactly know how you feel, but I understand the pains of a Mom.. Warm hugs! xx


  2. I feel very bad for that beautiful child
    she is so cute and beautiful
    I will pray for her and you

    A mommy is indeed great


                  1. Oh dear no no I am an absolutely normal human like anybody it is your love and grace that alleviates me

                    thanks dear

                    Blessing for you and your beautiful child


  3. She will definitely grow into a great person, because you are her mom! Stay strong, and may you always find happiness in everything! โค


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