Fanny Serrano’s Swiss kiss + Revlon lip butter in Cupcake

I am loving the Radiant orchid color this year, so I opted to incorporate a tang of the vibrant hue in this post. It doesn’t have to be the perfect shade, but hints of it looks fresh and young and sweet. You can start with your lip color. Just mix and blend!

fanny serrano lipstickOne of my favorites is Fanny Serrano’s moisturific lipstick in Swiss kiss (P299), a red berry shade. Used on it’s own leaves a bold cherry berry look. What I love about the moisturific line is it doesn’t dry your lips like matte ones do. 

I usually mix my lippies if I want to tone down the color. For this look, I blended Revlon lip butter in Cupcake (from BDJ), a very light purply cool pink (think Barbie). It’s not pigmented, but coats your lips to a sheen finish. However, I wouldn’t use this alone as it’s very light.

fanny serrano swiss kiss & revlon lip butterDSC_5566b


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5 thoughts on “Fanny Serrano’s Swiss kiss + Revlon lip butter in Cupcake

  1. Mixing lippies is a frugal way to attain you wanted lip color without actually buying another lippie! I think I’ll get myself one of those FS lippies in swiss kiss as I’m very into reds at the moment :3

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