Affordable foundation brushes at Landmark

If you are looking for inexpensive make up brushes that you can start with, visit Landmark Makati.

1. Artist Studio brush = P120 2. Noconi brush = P110
1. Artist Studio brush = P120
2. Noconi brush = P110

Got this two flat top brushes with glee given they are so affordable. Love the Noconi, which looks like the Shiseido perfect foundation brush. It’s a tad smaller than the latter, but it’s actually ok for it can cover the contours of my face.  I’ve been eyeing the Shiseido one whenever I pass by their counters, but I try my best to be nonchalant when the SA’s offer it, because you know… I’m a mommy on a budget haha.

These are both synthetic brushes. When I first tried using a flat top brush, the finish was amazing. And the application is a breeze compared to using my fingers. My pattern with this would be dab dab dab to the entire face, then buff in a circular motion. For those who want full coverage, grab flat tops like this one.


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2 thoughts on “Affordable foundation brushes at Landmark

  1. Hi Mariqia / cel! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and for leaving comments! I really appreciate it! You are so right about these brushes! I have mine and I’ve never stopped using it since then. Thanks for the post! More power! ❤


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