Testing MUFE Mat Velvet + HD Foundation

 I had a bad breakout which started a month ago, with large cystic acne on my chin, and eventually popped on my cheek. This had never happened before, and I’m not sure whether it’s hormonal or an allergy. What’s worse, they leave you with ugly marks on your face..which can fade for weeks or even months.

Well, this is where foundation/concealer comes in. My current makeups are considered sheer and can’t hide those dark blemishes and sprouting comedones. I’ve read reviews on full coverage foundations and there’s a lot. And then I remembered the pop up store of Make Up Forever at SM Aura. So I thought I’d drop by, happy the SA there was kind enough to try it on me.

Believe me, their foundation is amazing when it comes to covering blemishes. At that time, I had three big acne on my right cheek, one on my left, and some small bumps around my chin and jawline and forehead. She did two layers for both the liquid foundation.

After two hours from application:


The Mat Velvet has a matte finish, good for oily skin, but since I have combination skin, my cheeks went dry and my pores are more visible in person.

Make Up Forever HD Foundation 120
Of the two, the HD is better for me. Doesn’t make the pores visible and it has a smoother finish. Mat Velvet #30 is a darker compared to the HD in #120.

This  gives you a natural look in photos, so best recommended for weddings, photo shoots, or events where you want a polished look. Not for everyday wear because I feel it’s a little heavy. I would the rate the HD 4.5 in the coverage department, 4.5 for packaging (yes it has a pump), 4 for finish. It has a wide selection of shades, no wonder it’s a favorite of makeup artists. The price is expensive though, not to mention it is the part of the Louis Vuitton Group. This is actually a good investment for pro make up artists to add in their kit.

Have you tried MUFE products? Please share me your experiences.

See you next post,



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