Bag of Beans Raisin bread

bob1Two weeks ago a friend is headed to Tagaytay and is returning the same day, so my coworker and I decided to order the well-known Raisin bread from Bag of Beans.

I really wish I have a chance to visit their Tagaytay coffee shop, and with the weather there, it’s comfy perfect for coffee and bread.

The freshly baked raisin bread came late in the afternoon, but we devoured it at home the following morning. Nope, it wasn’t hard, and it’s still soft. It has a slight cinnamon flavor, and lemme tell you the raisins come full force at the middle of the loaf. πŸ™‚ This is good for once in a while morning bread.

Good for 4-5 persons, and it costs P170.

I’ve heard they make good pies too, hope to visit Tagaytay soon…with the family.


See you next post,



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