DIY Green tea Face mist

I’m sure you might be wondering why I’m doing a DIY face mist after summer. Well, your skin still needs the pampering with the benefits of green tea.
DIY green tea face mist1DIY green tea face mistDIY green tea face mist
For this 50ml container, I used 1 green tea bag, 1 drop of sandalwood and 2 drops of lavender. Or you can just add lavender, or any essential of your choice. Rose and chamomile are your options, just don’t  add too much. Face mists are better with faint scents. Another option is add a pump of argan oil (if you’re a fan) for extra moisturizing.

How I use this:

  •  As a toner. I spray before I apply moisturizer.
  •  If I see I over applied my powder, I set my make up with this mist. It  helps avoid the ‘chalky’ and cakey look.
  •  I spray whenever I feel tired in the office. The scent relaxes me.

Just shake before use.

Do you use face mists?



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