Create your Look

For those of you who love fashion, and who loves to experiment with your own style, you will love this.

GLAMSTORM profile says:

We have created GLAMSTORM – a virtual stylist – as a bridge between the virtual and the real fashion world, to enable you to play with creating your own style and to facilitate your buying decisions. You can now mix and try on many fashion brands from online stores and shopping malls in one fitting room.

Isn’t it fun? Having to create your own look with so many choices, from hair to makeup to clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.

Here are the first looks I’ve created.

2 3 4 6 Look1

C’mon, check my right sidebar and look for the Glamstorm widget. Click on it so you can sign up with just 3 simple steps, it only takes a few seconds. Just put your email add, username and password and you can start styling!

Have a great weekend,



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