Touch of Pink in the Workplace

Fresh flowers bring a beautiful aura to your working table. It’s refreshing when you walk to your office and find  pink daisies that are just so lovely! And it’s just really simple, no you don’t have to buy a whole pack. Just a few flowers can do!

See how it can ‘prettify’  your worktable.

DSC_3595b DSC_3597b DSC_3599b
DSC_3588bWhat are your favorite flowers?

See you next post,



5 thoughts on “Touch of Pink in the Workplace

  1. Hi, I have a question regarding the old post in which you wrote about dealing with thyroid nodule.
    Could you please update about this issue??
    Best regards, OT


  2. Very pretty, indeed! You are looking very fresh too! 🙂 I love roses, tulips, lilies, actually any sort of flower. Flowers make me happy 🙂


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