Oil of Argan Review + Giveaway!

A few months back, I’ve decided to go organic and natural in our household products. It’s scary to know that most commercial products contain chemicals which are harmful to us in the long run. After making my own soaps, I have ditched commercial shampoos  and even house cleaners. I am now trying to find natural skin care products, sans parabens and harsh chemicals.

Natural oils have been used many years ago in skin care, but because I have combination and sensitive skin, I was hesitant with oils.

One of the most sought oils today and already found in the cosmetics industry is the Moroccan Argan oil.

Argan Oil, dubbed as “LIQUID GOLD” by Europeans, is an all-natural organic oil that has amazing cosmetic properties. This rare oil is extracted from the nuts of the Argan Tree that can be found in Southwest Morocco. Argan Oil’s blend of Omega-6, Vitamin E, and other essential fatty acids makes it a potent moisturizer and antioxidant. When used regularly, Argan Oil restores the natural freshness and tightness of skin and prevents signs of premature ageing. It also nourishes scalp and hair.

You can only get the full cosmetic benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil when the extract is pure and fresh. The best way to identify quality virgin Argan Oil is through its natural nutty scent.


I was intrigued for even Hollywood and local celebrities use this.

The owner of Oil of Argan  was kind enough to send me samples of their 100% Pure Moroccan Argan oil.

The consistency is light and so it’s easily absorbed by the skin. I love the nutty scent! I don’t mind it at all. I still keep the box because after I use it I put it back there. Avoiding light makes the oil preserve it’s beneficial properties.

ARGAN2 argan3 argan4
Here’s what I like:

The stubborn flaky areas in between my brows disappeared. Wow to this argan oil’s high Vit E content! I massage this every night on my face. I stopped my commercial moisturizers and switched to this. It is a very nice moisturizer because when you wake up, your face feels hydrated and glowing. Before I’m oily on the T-zone, but now, it just balances everything. I have this fine lines under my eyes, and this oil helps it less noticeable, maybe because it plumps up the area a bit.  There are the occasional zits that I have (hormonal), and it just popped out the first week, I think it’s cleaning my face. 🙂 One thing I love is I put this under make up. I noticed applying my foundation is smooth whenever I have this on. If you’re thinking it would look oily, nope, it’s not. It just glows.  I also apply this oil on  my hands and fingers including my nails. See, it’s a multitasker, from face to body to hair. I even apply this to baby Maia for our bonding time. Just a pump goes a long way! I think this should be a staple in your skin care. And because it’s organic and Eco-certified, you won’t have to worry using it all the  time. I’m going to give mom a bottle of this.

Argan oil is not cheap today, but I find Oil of Argan the most affordable. It sells at P600 per 30ml bottle.

Cheer up folks, I want to give away a bottle to one lucky reader! All you have to do is simple:

1. Comment below why you want to have a bottle of this Argan oil.

2. Like Mariqia on Facebook.

3. Like Oil of Argan on Facebook.

This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only until September 30, 2013.

Join now and stay tuned!

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16 thoughts on “Oil of Argan Review + Giveaway!

  1. I would love to win because my skin is super dry & sensitive,and unfortunately, i’m prone to having eczema, & I’ve been dying to try this out. hope this works.. great review btw, 🙂


  2. I am using a facial soap made of argan (since i cannot afford to buy argan oil), and it’s effective… I wish to win this so i can give it to my mother. She’s getting older and can’t get her skin from having more wrinkles. 😦


  3. I have very sensitive skin so I want to try this product. I have scars also on my legs, and im hoping that this product will help


  4. I am in my early 40s and a mom to 2 kids. My personal goal is always to stay, feel and look good and healthy. I wish I could have a bottle of this organic oil as a birthday present. I hope and pray, I will win…. thanks..


  5. I want to have this hopefully for my knee scars, I have tried scar remover products but nothing happens. I heard reviews from essential oils that can rid of scar, its very pricey and don’t know if it is really works.. Hope to win this..


  6. i want to win a bottle of argan oil because as you described it can balanced oil on the t zone,i do have an oily face and im in 30’s and a mom of three kids, i do want to lessen my wrinkles and have subtle and soft skin and be beautiful for my husband.


  7. I want have a bottle of this Argan oil because I read what you wrote about it…and now, I’m officially intrigued! 🙂


  8. I want to try this on my face also and use it as my daily moisturizer. Got my fingers crossed i would love too win this giveaway…. 🙂


  9. i just gave birth three months ago. I have tried a lot of creams to get rid of my stretch marks and pimples but nothing seems to work! Then just recently my sister-in-law told me to try this argan oil nga buy its quite expensive plus i’m not sure if its really going to work. I hope i win so i could try it because im really desperate in finding cure with my pimples, plus its also safe for my baby! 🙂


  10. Given your glowing review of the product, how can I not want one? It is organic, safe for kids, gives good results. Plus I’ve been wanting to try argan oil but there are always other pressing priorities. I hope I win! Thank you.


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