My Soap collection

Been busy the past days trying out recipes for my soap shop. Now I’m finally waiting for my soaps to cure. I guess cold process soap making should be coupled with patience. 🙂

Here are my soaps now in the curing rack.

lavenderoatmeal1My most ‘reserved’ soap. Almost everyone loves lavender, plus the added oatmeal makes it a nice soap for sensitive skin.

Pure castile made with 100% olive oil. It won’t be tear-free but like commercial baby washes, but the ingredient is simple and vegan. Recommended for sensitive skin and for small children. Just keep it out of the eyes. It’s still soap without the numbing ingredients.

gmchocoHah! Goat Milk choco, loved by both men and women. 🙂 Delicious and luxurious.


The skin loving goat milk. Hmmm.

greenteaGreen tea for a refreshing shower, plus loaded with antioxidants!

coffeescrubCoffee scrubs for exfoliation, and for keeping the ‘garlic’ smell away. For kitchen and bathroom use definitely.

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10 thoughts on “My Soap collection

  1. I love soaps! I wish I knew how to make soaps as well. I would definitely love to experiment. That chocolate goat’s milk soap looks absolutely decadent! 😉


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