Soap Packaging Inspiration

Now that I’ve started my small batch of soaps, time to think of a nice packaging that doesn’t have to be expensive. 🙂

Some inspirations I found online:

Beautiful, look at those stitches. Hah, need more time though.


I prefer paper types than plastic.
What do you think? Any suggestions and ideas?




15 thoughts on “Soap Packaging Inspiration

  1. well, think about the process, first…Manual Packaging System or Packaging Machinery?? The design of the packaging itself starts from this….
    have a nice day, Luana (Italy),..designer:)


  2. this is awesome! i absolutely love them all. what great a creative inspiration to pull from. i have no doubt whatever you decide will be phenomenal! good luck and cant wait to see what you come up with!
    xo- whit


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