Coffee Mocha Soap

Introducing to you my soap shop – The Soap Library.  It’s a product of inspiration that went into a little obsession. Who wouldn’t want to use the safest and mildest soaps out there?

I decided to make soaps for my family first. Then I thought, why not sell it. If you know you are making natural soaps with no preservatives and harsh chemicals, then you’re helping everyone – even the planet!

One of the soaps in progress at the moment is the Coffee Mocha soap.

coffee mocha soap1
The coffee in the soap is rich in antioxidants which helps firm and tighten the skin.

More Benefits:

-Great exfoliator for cellulites
-Smooths out fine lines
-Fights acne and eczema
-Absorb odors
-Inhibits growth of skin cancer cells
-Treats redness and inflammation
-Plus it smells delicious with the chocolatey aroma!


Really excited to use and sell this.

And what’s interesting, more soaps to feature soon!

See you next post,



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