A Tough Week

This week has been very tough for me. The time I dreaded has come. Our constant search for Maia’s nanny gave us no luck, so our last resort is to leave Maia with my in-laws in the province.

Since birth, I was never separated from her.Ā  I see her everyday, and kiss her when I say good night.

So there, we had to go to Bontoc.

DSC_2584 DSC_2590

Mom met us in Baguio at the bus station going to Bontoc.

The trip from Manila to Baguio took us almost 6 hours, and we’re set for another 5-6 hours going to Bontoc. It was Maia’s first time for a long trip, and it was a relief she was not cranky during the ride.

We stayed for 2 days in Bontoc. It was so fast it was hard to leave her.

I couldn’t stop my tears. I don’t even recount how many times I cried in the bus going back to Manila. It was pure longing for my baby. The farther we traveled, the more my heart was being pulled.

My dear Maia, I’ll come back for you. I am trying my best to find a nanny for you so we can be together.





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