With my work schedule and mommy duties, I seldom put nail polish on my fingernails. The thought of it being chipped because of everyday washing and everyday work made me a little disinclined to even bother coating my nails.
Yet when I see someone wearing awesome nail polish designs, they look chic. And I was excited that one of the items included in the BDJ box was this nail art from Revlon. The Expressionist. 

revlon nail art
revlon nail art

I’m not an expert in nail design, but the concept of Expressionist alone means you express and create and draw to your own preference. There is no right and wrong way.

bdj revlon nail art expressionistrevlon nail art expressionistDSC_1497DSC_1503
Not perfect but it’s fun painting!

See you next post,



10 thoughts on “Expressionist

  1. I love nail polish too, but unfortunately when I have it on my fingers, I’m so ADD, that i can’t quit staring it them! Ahh, so the polish stays on the toes instead. LOL. cheers!


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