Beauty & Bright soaps

beauty and brightIncluded in the goodies that Droplets of Nature sent a few weeks back are samples of their Beauty and Bright soap. The first is the lightening moringa soap for face and body.

beauty and bright soapI have to cut it before using to save, as most natural soaps have a tendency to melt fast.

DSC_0637Imagine having moringa, papaya and kojic in this soap! If you apply the soap directly to the skin, it forms a milky lather,  not over foamy. If you prefer it foamy, use a bath scrub sponge, the one with the nylon which I use, then I leave it for a few minutes. The thing with this is it doesn’t dry your skin, it’s a nice pair with  your bath scrubs. It has a mild mint scent.

Same with this anti-aging serum bar, it keeps the natural fairness of your skin. Love them both!

beauty and brightDSC_0635Check the ingredients and you’ll be delighted, plus it’s natural!

If you like to inquire, check their Facebook page.

Have a fun day!



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