Meet Django

Django. Unchained.

django1He is one of Summer’s litter on her third birth. Very much like his mother below.

summerWhen Summer was a puppy, she loved wetting herself from her drinking pot. Django has also been doing that lately. Being overly playful, he steals  next door’s baby slippers, socks and things that pleases his eyes. Yes, he is a puppy thief. He sleeps and rolls on where our pandan leaves are, thinking it’s grass.

django2” Ai yam handthome! Ai yam mum’s fayvorite!”


petspetsApparently, they have a special bond.

And as for Madonna, she has a place outside. We temporarily ‘banned’ her from sitting on the sofa as her hair is all over the place.

DSC_1146But she is ok, and seemed to behave herself just a little.

How are your pets doing?

See you next post,



6 thoughts on “Meet Django

  1. Hi Cel,

    I found your blog because you “Like” a post on mine! Am I glad I checked your blog! Beautiful blog and very beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing.


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