An afternoon with my loves

After days of staying at home, we decided to take Maia out.
venice piazzaIt was scorching hot in the middle of the day on Easter!

venice piazza There was an Easter Candyland activity when we got there but Maia was not feeling really well. She was cranky when they arrived.

venice piazzamaia + dadDoesn’t want to stand and prefers daddy’s arms.

maia&dadNow heading to lunch.

dencio's dencio'smaia+dadnot feeling wellTook her to the playground but she’s not in her best mood.

playing playing DSC_1017b DSC_1018DSC_1045bDaddy making her smile.

cracks a smile in betweenCracking a smile in between her crying.

And so we ended our afternoon with green tea shake and pinoy style pasta.

matcha green tea shake pastaSee you next post,



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