Blooms in March

One thing I like about our workplace is being surrounded with plants. This week, this tree that looks like the Japanese cherry blossoms is now showing its pink flowers. I think they call this the Palawan cherry.

palawan cherryIt looks beautiful.

march blossomsAt this time, our grounds are also being revamped. Pots of greens and assorted flowers are being gathered for planting.

Here are some of them.

DSC_0851 DSC_0853b DSC_0855b DSC_0857b DSC_0858b DSC_0865bLove the new additions.

marchHappy Monday. 

PS. Sending prayers to mom, she’s scheduled for surgery. Hope for a smooth and successful operation.



12 thoughts on “Blooms in March

  1. Your photography is simply stunning. Thanks for capturing and sharing! 🙂
    I’m anxiously waiting for spring still! (In my town, it is currently snowing)


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