Eco-friendly products from Droplets of Nature

A few days ago Droplets of Nature sent me their product samples. I was delighted because I’ve read that they are naturally formulated & the company is producing eco-friendly + family friendly products which means it’s safe and non toxic.

500ml | P156

Let me tell you why I love this. I use this to wash my baby’s bottles, without worries. The surfactants used are derived from potato+corn in (although the soup counterpart is yummy!), & free from paraben, phosphate and harmful chemicals. Yes, we talk about mildness. It is also non drying to the hands I must say. The blend of cinnamon and peppermint essential oil makes it more cool! It makes washing dishes fun, I mean who doesn’t love the cinnamon smell. And no, it doesn’t stick on plates and spoons. When you ask about it’s grease-removing power, there’s really no problem about it because it cleans well. To save more, you can always mix it with water.

droplets of natureYou should try this!


Another favorite, the hand sanitizer. First whiff lets out a minty scent.droplets4Take note also that it’s safe for baby’s hands!Β  It’s actually the plant-based lactic acid that helps with the ‘anti-bacterial’ thing. I also spray this on Maia’s toys, and anywhere that I want sanitized.

droplets of nature hand sanitizer

Let’s support and use natural products.

For more inquiries, visit their Facebook page. Please click HERE.


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