BRTC Jasmine water BB cream | A Review

BRTC Jasmine Water BB creamBRTC Jasmine Water BB cream. Korean brand.

I have to say something about this. A friend commented on the glow it gave my face. I have tried a few before and this is the best so far. My skin type is combination, yes so expect oiliness at the T-zone. Ok, here’s the thing with this BB cream. Coverage is medium. Since I prefer a good coverage to conceal my scars and spots, I mix this with L’Oreal True match liquid foundation in Golden beige 50|50, which also comes to a nice perfect shade for me. It is in light beige, a shade or two lighter than my color, with a hint of pink, so L’oreal’s golden beige makes a good intervention. But when used alone, it gives a brightening effect on the face, don’t worry if it comes a little fair at first, but if you blend it well, it should match your skin tone.  The consistency sits between runny and thick, and it goes smooth and silky when applied.

BRTC Jasmine Water CC cream

What type of ingredients are in BRTC products?

BRTC products are composed of many patented complexes that consist of ingredients from natural plant extracts. They are described below:

Taraxacum platycarpum root. It is a plan that cares noxioius oxygen in the skin with Vitamin H, Choline, Cluten, Inulin, Iron, Lactpicrin, Magnesium, Nisin, Vitamin A, C,E,P and Vitamin Bs and effective for purifying anti-oxidation and inflamed trouble skin care.

Oryza sativa. It has rich Vitamin B2 that is essential for growth promotion and makes skin healthy while preventing aging and purifying blood vessels. And there are Vitamin E, aging fighting substance and Vitamin F, making skin beautified including 22 kinds of nutrient in embryo bud. Oryza sativa is in limelight as the indispensable substance for anti-aging.

Camellia sinensis. The representative influencing element of Camellia sinensis is Catechin which is one of polyphenol compounds for skin moisturizing, soothing and antiaging while not causing any troubles. Also Camellia sinensis contains about 5-8 times of Vitamin C than lemon, which is exceptional for brightening of dull and dark skin caused by internal and external elements.   

BRTC BB cream brtc2

If you are looking for  the dewy effect, kind of illuminating, try this. I guess most BB creams offer the ‘glow’ effect. I love this because it’s moisturizing, covers well, and has SPF.

I purchased this from Beauty and Cosmetic shop because it’s not available locally.


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