Zen Zest Fragrance oil in Rose

I got this fragrance oil from Zen Zest which is actually my 2nd choice because I love rose. 🙂 It’s supposed to be vaporized in a burner, but  I went for aromatic wood beads. It wouldn’t be as intense as when put in a burner, but these beads diffuse the scent well.

DSC_0325DSC_0336bThey say that the scent of roses lowers blood pressure. Hmmm.  Put a smile on your face before getting to bed with this rose fragrance oil.  Maybe I’ll try the eucalyptus scent sometime for this coming summer.

What are your favorite scents?



3 thoughts on “Zen Zest Fragrance oil in Rose

  1. my favorites are patchouli, mandarin, peppermint and vetiver 🙂 The patchouli and vetiver are quite characterful scents, I’ve noticed that many people have a hate/love relationship with them..


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