Greens in our backyard

Saturdays give me time to check on how the plants are doing in the backyard. Weekdays keep me busy, as I leave early for work, and when I come home, Maia gets 95% of my time.
So the tending of plants are care of hubs, and my brother, yes the men.

Here are some photos I took from the backyard.

The young guava. I think it will take years before we can taste it’s fruit.

DSC_0293DSC_0294 DSC_0297The hubby’s favorite.

DSC_0303Pandan leaves. They say it’s good to mix with your rice when you cook. πŸ™‚

DSC_0298Betel leaf. Another must have for hubby and bro for chewing with the betel nut. We call it “gawed” in our dialect.

PlantsPapaya. Some of the neighbors come and get the fruit without even asking haha.

DSC_0300Malunggay. Thankful we have this. So nutritious.

DSC_0313Calamansi. When I bought this before, it has many fruits hanging, but now I can only spot around 5, haha! I guess we need fertilizers.



Godmum shared more seeds! I think I’ll gonna have to ask the hubby to plant this. πŸ˜€

Enjoy your weekend!


9 thoughts on “Greens in our backyard

  1. Pandan leaf for the easy to make and delicious buko pandan salad! Looks like you will eventually have a daily fresh produce from your garden. Uso pa pala nganga πŸ™‚


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love yours! Papaya ~ yummy! My garden is still in hibernation too, but things are starting to wake up. Looking forward to spring!


  3. I second Careys’ comment; my garden in buried and still in hibernation. I find my little garden very therapeutic and rewarding, so I will have a larger smile on my face when that time comes. Your garden sounds like it has a bit of everything. Your pictures are fresh, beautiful. Loving your site!


    1. Thanks dbubble, I’m sure you’re looking forward to spring. πŸ™‚ It will be beautiful huh?


  4. Where I live, there is snow on the ground and all plants are asleep. Beautiful photos of each plant. We love Four O’Clock flowers, too. We save the seeds and plant them each spring.


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