Helping toddlers get their sleep

Little Maia has trouble sleeping at night sometimes..and when she does she whines, tossing and turning in bed struggling to get her sleep. Ah.

So I tried to play some soothing music. One album I chose is Dreamland by Putumayo.

DreamlandIt has 13 songs which are collections from Africa, Europe, North/South America and Asia. It’s sometimes nice to end your night with music from different countries. On my first time to play the album, she slept on the 6th track, with the help of stroking her back and letting her feel my presence.  Not bad haha!

I alternate this with her Rock a Bye Baby music which was gifted when she was an infant.

Rock a Bye Baby gift

She loves this, because it was the music that she’s been hearing when she was a tiny tiny baby.

Thank you music!

How about you, how do you put your little ones to sleep?






5 thoughts on “Helping toddlers get their sleep

  1. oh reminds me of the baby days…I used this very cd along with others religiously for our nighttime escapes. the children loved it..i have 4 now and have forgotten the beauty of this…thanks for the reminder. gonna go through the archives and pull them back out.


  2. The best way I get my 6 month old to sleep is to nurse him. Of course that won’t work forever. But when he’s not interested in nursing to sleep, he loves falling asleep on his dad’s shoulder or even sometimes by himself in his crib. I definitely love nurturing him to sleep.


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