Make up looks I fancy

It’s amazing how make up can enhance your look. Knowing how to highlight your best, and trying the product that’s perfect for you, along with tricks and right application, you will definitely look and feel better. Since I started using make up, I rarely leave the house without anything on, haha!

This 2013, trending in make up sports the red lips look, the prominent eyeliner, thick brows, and colored eye shadows. Yet you don’t have to swagger on all the current trend if you don’t want to. But if you are going to be experimental, have fun and play with your own looks. After all, it’s an art thing. 🙂

Here are some make up looks that I love found on my Pinterest page.

Make up

I love the clean, and simple look. A bit of gloss, the right coat of black mascara, and and maybe some taupe or subtle golden eyeshadow only on the eyelid just to show a wash of color.

Thick brows, I love. Notice how it makes the look younger.

Eyeliner. This is still a matter of personal preference, some want the cat/winged eyeliner, which is stylish for me. It has a ‘lifting’ effect on your face. All it  takes is practice, practice and practice to make it perfect. I think if you wear this though, you’re gonna have to make the eye shadow subtle, unless you’re going to a photo shoot.

I love the lipstick color on her, plus the eyeliner which I think is made heavy only on the outer edges. Nice combi.

Teal + pine

The teal and pine color on her is so dramatic, and only a light lip color, so the focus is only on the eyes.

I don’t know why I pinned this, but there’s something in the look that’s fresh, and luminous and just. The pink shades also gave it a youthful appearance.

This make up is good for wedding days, and day time events. Subtle, not overly done, so nicely painted. 🙂

More more lists actually, but maybe on another post.

How about you, what make up do you prefer?



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