Current favorite Mascara

Majolica Majorca once again impressed me on another product – the Lash King mascara which I’m happy to share, because with it’s price slash (down to P499), you wouldn’t want to miss snagging a piece!

Majolica Majorca Lash King
Unlimited length, Ultra thickness, Unbelievable fullness

Loving the antiquarian design!

Products info says:

The mascara wand coats every single lash evenly and scoops 5mm super long fibers that blends with lashes!


DSC_0236This mascara is waterproof, and it doesn’t turn you into a raccoon at the end of the day, which my previous mascara did. When I first tried this at the MM counter, wow, I was amazed. It lengthens my lashes in about 50%, and that makes a difference. It’s like you have eyelash extensions! Now I use it everyday. ♥

If you like to have longer and fabulous eyes, grab one Lash King now! It makes your look complete! 😉

See you around,




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