On Christmas Eve

The busiest and craziest time of the year has come. And yes, no matter how hectic the days are, it is still my favorite season. I am happy that my parents and sisters visited because I missed them so much. Having the whole family on occasions like Christmas makes my heart sing!

We had a simple Christmas eve dinner, the boys at the backyard with their barbeque – ham + fish,  the girls grilling hotdogs + marshmallows, graham cake prepared, then of course salad to compensate for the not-so-healthy foods.

DSC_9353 DSC_9359DSC_9378We also enjoyed some sparkling red grape juice cocktail.

DSC_9365 DSC_9377And….look who’s excited!

DSC_9399I hope you enjoy the holidays!



5 thoughts on “On Christmas Eve

  1. Mango float! The photo looks so enticing that I’m craving for it already. Maia seems to be preoccupied with the presents. I spent the holidays with my friends ‘coz I’m hundreds of miles away from my family. We also had a simple dinner and Secret Santa for the gifts. I got a 2012 planner, yikes! I hope I can put it to good use next year 🙂


  2. Great photos and this sounds like a lovely Christmas. It was just the 2 of us for Christmas. My parents were in Hawaii spending the holidays with my brother who just arrived.


    1. Thanks Karen, thanks for the card. ♥ Enjoy both of you, 🙂 And have a happy happy new year ahead. Hugs


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