A prayer for Maia

Each night I shed tears..tears of pain and struggle. I know I have to deal with this fact for the rest of my life. We just went for my baby’s check up last week and such a relief that she won’t be bedridden. I nearly cried in front of the doctor.

During workdays when I come home to baby Maia, I hug and hold her in my arms, yet..I terribly miss her. It is still difficult for me, even though I know I have accepted it, I feel I’m trudging a hard path.

I’m chasing answers all the time. I don’t know if I’ll be able to. But now I know it’s still a matter of TRUST. Trust in God.

My Lord, I commit my child to you.  Use her according to your will.

You are the one who holds the story of our lives. I pray my Lord that you give her a productive life. A life full of love and blessings, and a life centered on You.




23 thoughts on “A prayer for Maia

  1. She is a beautiful little girl. And she is so blessed to have YOU as her mother. You pray for her, love her, care for her and will one day pass on to her your unwavering faith in your heavenly Father.
    It will be amazing to see the plans He has for her…


  2. It is so disheartening to read about Maia but I am sure that God will give you strength to overcome this difficult situation and also power to the little girl so that she can emerge out as a winner.


    1. Yes she’s ok, doc increased her medication manen. Thankful lang ta she can sit on her own unsupported, otherwise magiging bedridden daw accdg to her neuro.


  3. There is always, always a way through the darkness…especially for one so sweet and beautiful. Stay strong Momma, much love.


  4. Ate Cel, I want to share a qoute that always reminds me to trust God in difficult times, “Perhaps God brings us to the end of our resources so we can discover the vastness of His.” I pray for your fast recovery Maia.

    Hugs and kisses ❤


  5. “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me”
    cel..say it several times a day..it’ll help~~


  6. my dear friend..prayers are so powerful..thank God maia’s ok..be optimistic and pray hard..ur a strong woman, one of the best moms..i miss u cel..hugs and kisses to u and maia♥


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