A Taste of Frabelle

I’ve discovered this new brand – Frabelle. Upon inquiring from them about their products, this is what they said:

Our products are made the classic, natural way. Our hotdogs and cheesedogs are naturally smoked using imported wood chips vs. artificial liquid smoke used by others. We also use pure honey from the bee farms for our hams and bacons. We blow torch brown sugar in our Christmas hams to caramelize it and make it penetrate better into the ham versus the others which just dip in caramel gel. Our bacons are whole muscle, not re-structured or mechanically molded.

So I thought why not try!

I bought the Longganiza Hamonado. This 270g costs around P70+.

I wanted my cooking well done, so you see it a bit dark brown. The taste for me is A+  for this Longganiza hamonado. The flavor and spice is there, that even with just a small bite, it is so tasty. Yumyum! Perfect for parties right? I would like to try the rest too – the Yummy hotdogs and cheesedogs, Pork Ham Tocino and Smoked Bacon.

Have a wonderful Monday!




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