Cranberry bread & chocolate drink

What I had this morning at the office….

It’s nice to have something warm…and chocolate!

This Gardenia bread didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t too cranberryish but not bland either. I am a fan of Gardenia, and when I saw this flavor I got one.

I coupled it with a warm cup of chocolate Milo drink. Yes you know Milo, a favorite childhood drink. πŸ™‚

What bread do you like?

See you around,



12 thoughts on “Cranberry bread & chocolate drink

              1. Haha thanks! I only know one other Filipino blog here aside from you. Plus, I’m pretty new here so I haven’t really discovered others lol


                  1. Her blog name is theappletizer. Oh and when I saw that you sign off your entries as Cel, I wondered if we had the same too. But then I figured out your name is Maricel. haha


          1. I was born and raised there but I moved to the States when I was 16. I’m still fluent, though. Thanks to mom and pops haha


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