Home Office Inspiration (Part 2)

How I wish I could make a post everyday, but for a working mom like me who has to finish 8 hours a day, another hour on the road, plus baby time when I get home, I would be exhausted by then. Whew! Nonetheless, I still enjoy my time with baby Maia. I wish she is walking now. We are working on her motor development so hopefully by the next few months, she’ll be able to take her first independent step. I’m excited!

Sometimes I wish I do work at home so I will be there for Maia all the time. 

Ok enough with the musings, I want to share with you these three comfy home office I spotted on Pinterest.

Simple and clean.

                                                                                                  Source here

Like like the chair!

Everything looks calm here.

What makes a workplace comfy for you?




13 thoughts on “Home Office Inspiration (Part 2)

  1. I love the fluffy chair. I should I had one of those at my office. Great photos, I also like the 3rd photo, it’s nice seeing an all-white office. I don’t think I would ever eat anything there. Drop a bit of curry and you can see the stain from a mile away :).


  2. i like the second picture… for a work at home mom like me that would be a great place and a comfy chair to have.. :)) and by the way.. thank you for stopping by at my blog 🙂 lovelove ❤


  3. Love these ideas especially idea number 1. I too wish that I can work from home so I can focus more on my blog and other creative things. However, it’s difficult to find a job that allows you to work from home and at the same time, pays as well. 🙂 Those are still great ideas though. I want to redecorate!


      1. Thanks!!! I hope to make two trips this year – one for vacation and one for work. I need all the luck I can get 😀


  4. Lovely! I like them all. I noticed you are drawn to white and natural light. Me, too! 🙂
    I’ve been seeing a lot of walls painted in chalkboard paint so that one could write or draw with chalk, be it the kitchen wall, office wall, bathroom wall. Cool idea, I think, to add to one’s office space. 🙂


  5. I have to say I really love that first picture! I was a working mom for years, and only have just recently started staying at home. I miss having a “work space”. There isn’t a place at home to stage an office currently, so I mostly use the couch LOL. However, that first picture you have posted inspires me… so I’m going to PIN it to one of my boards LOL! *Looking to forward to hearing about your baby’s first steps when she takes them!”


    1. Hi Razella, thanks for dropping by! The couch would do..haha, but it makes me sleepy. 🙂 Good for you now that you work at home. 🙂


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