My birthday girl

My baby’s first birthday was a simple one. It was a gathering with friends and family. Her grandparents were not around though. Hopefully this coming Christmas Maia will be joining her aunts and uncles.

Rather than buying expensive decors, I rushed to make a few lanterns made from crepe paper. It was my first time to make one haha!

It was a no-theme celebration.

But she was happy to see some visitors.

Maia and her dad preparing to blow the candle.


Both of us blew the candles for her. πŸ™‚

Again, happy birthday to you baby Maia!


14 thoughts on “My birthday girl

  1. cel, i didn’t know u have a talent at decorating..ur decors are great!i love the colors!it’s maia..belated happy birthday Maiaβ™₯


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