Dresses I fancy

Here are my dress wishlist at this time. Oh, how I love to acquire a new one, but since we are on a tight budget now, that would mean cutting unnecessary purchases!

I don’t think posting these cute dresses are beneficial for our budgeting, but I’d like to share them anyway.

I would like to have a peplum dress. It is most flattering for petite frames like me. This red color can be very bold, but I’d like to have this in black or white. πŸ™‚


I have never owned a Zara dress, and this one in pale pink is so feminine. Love how simple and chic this looks.


Another Zara dress. I don’t think a maxi dress would look good on me, but with just heels, maybe I can pull this look. Love how airy and flowy the material is.

Sheath dress. Also a good bet for petites. Wearing this will make you look elegant and smart. Nice to pair with a blazer.

Ah, a dusty pink peplum.Β  I want this too. No explanation. πŸ™‚

What are your favorite dresses?



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