My sleeping Maia

There’s something beautiful watching a baby in their sleep. If there’s one thing I could hope and wish for, I would want her a seizure-free sleep. Until now, she’s haunted with spasms in her unconscious moments. It’s heartbreaking.
My little baby usually takes long naps during the day esp after a seizure.

We just have to trust in God for He alone gives a purpose for everything.


16 thoughts on “My sleeping Maia

  1. Such a beautiful little angel your little one is. Sending prayers for her seizures to subside, may God bless her.


  2. We too dealt with this. As a Mom of 9 grown children, my greatest advice would be – read all you can about it! No one will love & care for your child like you will. Epilepsy is usually controllable but it sure does break a Momma’s heart! 😦
    Praying for both of you! ~Jen


  3. Maia is so cute. I agree about watching sleeping children they are just so beautiful, I have some really treasured pics of my children when they were little too. Thank you for liking my blog. I am new to all this and am finding it quite a challenge but knowing someone took the time to like it is so encouraging. Thank you.


  4. by the way, what’s the final say of the doctors about her seizures? i agree, let’s trust God. i am slowly realizing that I have no control of my disease, so i have given everything to him. He’s a kind God and He will take care of Maia.


    1. It’s a form of epilepsy, not quite sure yet which one because when she started phenobab, it was ok. but then another type of spasm came up, so she added another med which is still for observation. Will just have to let God take care of her. Although it pains us to see them like that. how are u now karen?


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