Quick shots at Aani Weekend Market

I’m sharing with you quick shots at the Aani Weekend Market At FTI Complex in Taguig. That afternoon we accompanied my sister Sheenlie to get her ID picture taken at Sunshine, because that’s the closest we can find near our place. So while waiting for the 10-minute processing – we marched off to Aani, and of course because it was late in the afternoon, almost all the stalls were closed.

So it’s just us and a couple of passers-by.

Baby Maia was there.

Maia and her auntie Sheenlie.

Now with her aunt Queena included.

I love her laughter here. Although she doesn’t make that ‘big’ laughter sound, her expression spells pure laughter.


2 thoughts on “Quick shots at Aani Weekend Market

  1. That expression of pure joy on Baby Maia’s face is priceless! That becomes rarer as we grow older. 🙂


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