5-Shade palette from In2it’s Pink Alert rocks

Summer is fun because my sisters come all the way from the province to visit me..and baby Maia. And they love looking into my things – including make up, which they are so excited about.

In this post I will be  using the In2it Eye Color palette in Pink Alert on my sister Queena.

Funny how I bought this. I was actually looking for the L’Oreal Open Eyes Pro – in Pink Maniac which did well with my eyes when the SA tried it. So I said I’ll buy one when I visit next time.  And when I passed by there again, the SA from In2It was there in the near booth and approached me, and told me to choose a color that I want so she will try it on. Then I quickly searched for something pink, hoping I could find one like L’Oreal’s.  And amazingly, I saw this.

It’s a close copy to what I was supposed to buy.

Lovely colors, the center shade looks like a shimmering pearl, and the next is a very light pink shimmer, and then at the top is a lovely pink, then the gray and black for contouring.

After she tried this on me, the effect was like that of L’Oreal’s Pink Maniac.The shimmer is a bit visible compared to L’Oreal’s which is so fine it’s not so visible at all. Maybe I’ll save one for the Open Eyes Pro soon.

Okay, here’s the before photo.


After I applied make up, here’s my youngest sister – flashing a shy smile.


And I asked her to look up. Yes, I applied more of the contour color, so the pink color looked sheer in the photo. However, you can see a hint of pink in person. If you want the pink to be more visible, you can add again another layer.


Now, go check out In2it stores and see more lovely colors!


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