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Mary Kay Nourishine Lip gloss shines in my favorite list

Sharing with you another Mary Kay favorite. A lip gloss that’s not sticky and perfect for post lipstick shine, or just on its own.


And it has a faint tint so soft and beautiful.

Mine is in Melon Sorbet.

Lip gloss is a fun way to play with your lips. Sometimes it’s nice to stay out of matte and use your lip gloss. It has a plumping effect on your lips, making it moist and shiny that’s so appealing. One study pointed out that young women today prefer lip gloss over lipstick.

If you are not a fan of lip gloss because of the sticky feel, this won’t disappoint you. I know I’ve had tacky glosses before that I haven’t finished up, and this time it’s actually running low.

I put this lip gloss over the Mary Kay lipstick in Shell. I’m loving it.



    • mariqia

      Isn’t it fun? love to play with bold eye make up and just a gloss! ♥


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