Nyx Pore filler makes a beautiful canvass

There’s this new product I saw from NYX. Pore Filler. And I was really excited to use it because honestly, I have visible pores. I thought wow, this is something good.


Upon application, I noticed it instantly creates a matte velvety skin. Hmm, I love brushing my fingers where I applied the pore filler. It felt polished, almost wax-like feel, but no, it’s not oily. The consistency looks like a thick mixture of Cerelac.

This helped the make up look even, without the visible appearance of my large pores. If you are bothered with your pores, try this.  Hmm, I might try the Nyx Shine Killer for my oily skin next time I purchase.

Nyx products are available at Digitaltraincase.





One thought on “Nyx Pore filler makes a beautiful canvass

  1. Ooh awesome! I took a close up photo of my skin the other day just to see its condition up close and i was aghast to find my pores looking visibly large!!! It made me panic so I switched my skincare. hahaha This is a product I should try then.


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