Mary Kay Creme Lipstick Swatches

If there is one beauty must-have that I keep in my bag, it would be lipstick.

One brand that has been staying long in my bag is the Mary Kay Creme lipsticks. I love how creamy it is, not matte and not glossy.

I will show you the four colors that I use.

L-R: Red Salsa, Shell, Sunset, Toffee

Red Salsa looks flattering for medium to fair shade. If you’re trying to create a classic look, try this!

Also, make sure you apply subtle eyeshadows and a light blusher for this lipstick during daytime.

Red Salsa

Shell on the other hand has a warm pink tint.


I gifted a friend with this shade and she loved it because she said it’s the only color that fits her. This color is so friendly since it’s just like enhancing my lip color. It’s almost the same as my lip color.


It is like Shell with a coral touch. Love this shade too, I usually use this in the afternoon after wearing Shell in the morning. 🙂

Toffee. This is actually the first MK lipstick I used before I got the others. It’s a shade that anyone can wear. Gorgeous color.

What are your favorite lipsticks?


14 thoughts on “Mary Kay Creme Lipstick Swatches

  1. Cute post!
    I was friends with two of MK’s granddaughters in high school. I always smile when I see the name – makes me remember those good ‘ole days.
    Thanks for the like on my page. Come back and visit any time!


  2. Love it! I used to sell MK, and thinking about doing it again. If nothing else, to get my own stuff at half price. Ha! Loved their products. Cute post with all the pics!


  3. Pink lipstick is the first makeup I was allowed to wear at age 12. Because I was starting middle school, I wanted to be more grown-up. Funny, I have never worn lipstick most of my life, just lip gloss and eye makeup! Like your post!


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