Minimal Make up for Young Girls

My next feature in make up is my youngest sibling Queena.

She is just 12 so I opted for a minimal tint.

This is her finished look.

For her eyes I used Mary Kay’s sweet pink eyeshadow as the base. It has a very light soft pink shade, and if you apply it thinly you won’t see a difference. So I slightly rubbed my finger and shaded it in her eyes from the lid to  the browbone.

Next, I used hazelnut also from Mary Kay as my contour. Very nice shade, kind of an in between from taupe and beige.

Sweet pink is in top center. Hazelnut is bottom center.


Her lips I used Addis Ababa from NYX.

I used Majolica Majorca’s skin remaker pore cover foundation in OC10 in her face using wet sponge.

And lastly, blush from Mary Kay in cherry blossom. (See palette picture above – left color).


2 thoughts on “Minimal Make up for Young Girls

  1. Uy I want your Mary Kay palette!!! so many pretty colors. 🙂 Good job on the makeup. I think young girls should also use VERY minimal makeup too. Lip balm would be enough and the works on special occasions. I think you retained her youth and enhanced her beauty perfectly. 🙂


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