Fresh and Fun Summer Make up with In2it’s green and purple

My mom and two sisters came to visit us during the Holy Week. We only stayed home so I made myself a make up artist and played make up on them.

Here’s my simple and fun summer make up on my sister Sheenlie.

I used eyeshadows from In2it. Greens and purple.

I’ve had this for over a year now and I love the beautiful effect each leaves on my eyes. Now, I decided to mix the two. Summer is fun to play with colors!

How time flies. My sister is already a dalaga (young woman). I applied the 2nd color of green from the palette in the inner half of her eyelids, then the purple in the outer half. I just blended and blended.

She likes it. I didn’t apply mascara but she keeps on looking in the mirror how gorgeous it looks. I also applied a thin line of black eyeliner in her upper lid. In2it eyeshadows are one of my favorites because they are pigmented, and it’s pocket-friendly. It’s available at Watsons and select department stores, I got these at Market Market in Taguig.

On her face, I used Majolica Majorca skin remaker pore cover foundation in OC10.

Her lipstick is from Mary Kay’s lip creme in Sunset.

Blush on is also from Mary Kay in Cherry Blossom.


I love painting faces.


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