Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream favorites

Nyx Cosmetics has become a popular brand to beauty junkies, plus beauty bloggers too. Honestly, their soft matte lip creams slowly earned their way to my favorite lip colors. Take note it’s matte, though it says lip cream.

My current favorites – San Paulo and Addis Ababa.

They are flattering shades that looks good on almost everyone.

L – R: Addis Ababa, San Paulo

Here’s San Paulo on me.

It has a creamy quality, and gradually dries to a picture perfect matte finish. If you are not a fan of mattes – top with a gloss. It looks gorgeous in person.

Addis Ababa.

This Addis Ababa is a good pair for minimal eye make up because of the bold lip color. An eye make up suggestion would be a subtle matte pink color, or a taupe. You want the focus to be on your lip color. But it’s all up to you. Experiment.

I pre-order my Nyx products from Digitaltraincase.

Have you tried Nyx products? Share me your favorite lip products.


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