Human♥ Nature Baby Lotion

I added baby products in my latest Human ♥ Nature order because I decided I should give my little baby the safest skin products. I read that baby skin is more porous and it absorbs more chemicals..ah, that scared me.

Sharing with you my baby’s new lotion – 100% Natural.

This is what I love about it. It’s a very light, it’s runny, and it absorbs easily. I wouldn’t want my baby feeling sticky after her bath. It has a mild baby scent – am sure you would love.

She enjoys the after bath routine of slight massage using this lotion. I’ve no worries if I spilled too much because I know it’s chemical-free. Mommies, choose safe products for your babies!

Visit the Human Nature here.



3 thoughts on “Human♥ Nature Baby Lotion

  1. More than the product, I fell in love with the baby. What a beautiful smile! Cheered me up and made my day! hahaha he surely deserves only the best 😀


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