Snoe Beauty favorite beauty bar – Exfoliating oatmeal

For a new cosmetics brand  – Snoe Beauty, creating a soap line in their products is a smart move. I have tried this oatmeal soap that I so love and worth reviewing.

Exfoliating Oatmeal beauty bar.

Active Ingredients: Oatmeal, Goats Milk, Jojoba Oil, Papain, Vitamin C and E , High Grade Coconut Oil

You have to cut the soap in two or three to save more – and put it in a good dish to avoid being soaked in water. I worked it into a good lather on my face, then rubbed slightly in a wet face towel, and wiped it on the areas that need good exfoliating. Man – the scent I love to sniff sniff – because it’s so mild and baby-ish. The lather is milky and easily foams, and better yet, you can  make it as your body soap too! After washing, it leaves your skin a soft texture! Not what I am expecting of regular soaps which is drying, but this – this is different, thanks to the ingredients. This makes you want to play with your skin.

This is good for all skin types, as it is moisturizing. Those with sensitive skin will benefit from this – because it’s not irritating, doesn’t cause breakouts for me. It’s also safe for everyday use since it’s hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

Snoe Beauty offers other special soaps for special needs. I have two soaps in mind that I’d like to try in my next purchase – the Calamansi Beauty bar which the SA says it diminishes pimples scars , and the Moringa beauty bar – well because it’s basically malunggay, which is raved to have high anti oxidants. I bought my soap at Glorietta, inside Cinderella. Check out their Facebook page. They also have shampoos and body scrubs! For those in the Taguig area – they have a kiosk at MarketMarket mall ground level. Try their products – it’s organic!




2 thoughts on “Snoe Beauty favorite beauty bar – Exfoliating oatmeal

  1. wow, i’d like to try this and it’s from malunggay. i realized that as i grow older, my skin changes with the season. unlike when i was younger, i could use any time of soap or cleanser and my skin won’t react to it. i just used Nubian soap – olive oil and shea butter – i had an acne the next day.


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