My Bag-2-Go Organizer

Do you want to keep your things organized inside your bag? Since owning a Longchamp Le Pliage, I had a hard time fumbling inside for my needed item, because all of them are like stuffed in a sack haha. And one more thing, without a bag shaper it looks like a slouch bag, which my preference wouldn’t agree. Nice thing  there are organizers out there!

Bag2-2-Go – The Ultimate Bag Organizer.


See how your bag essentials are tucked in each compartment. Before I used this, I keep digging my hand inside my bag searching for my keys, my USB – basically the small items. This saves time, you just organize your things inside the way you want them to be.

See, it’s fun.

It fits inside my large long handle le pliage.

It doesn’t only work with Longchamps , actually, those big bags that doesn’t have divisions inside can use this. Helpful right? Or if you want to switch to another bag, just take it out and transfer! Simple.

I bought this online for P450 from Shoppingbliss.

Check out the other colors if you like. 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Bag-2-Go Organizer

  1. my mom has this too as she likes to switch bags. i love kate spade bags, but since i’m in school right now, a backpack is more handy to carry all my books.


    1. Nice..Kate Spade has creative and fun bags! Although I don’t own one 😀
      I agree with you on the backpack..comfort is still the best to consider..:)


  2. I need this! My bag is always a mess. Sometimes, I spend ages looking for things that got lost in my bag. Hahaha 😀


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