Earth’s Best at Healthy Options

I was with my friends Ibeth and Bryce last Sunday and we decided to pass my Boni Hi Street on our way home. And before Boni Hi, we stopped by a Food Expo at the Fort, but that is another story.

Today this is about baby food. My baby Maia’s first food is mashed potato, and then a series of other mashed veggies – squash, sweet potato, banana, and a taste of fruit juices which she as a first timer didn’t like.

Ok, going back to Boni Hi, Ibeth said there’s a Healthy Options store that she want to check. The store itself is so tempting right. I went with her and I bought this. Maia didn’t have Gerber before – yet I said, why not try this Earth’s Best baby food. Since we don’t have prunes readily available in our market, I chose this combi – Prunes and Oatmeal.

I wanted her to taste this, it’s organic.

She finished this for three meals and she loved it.


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