Brownies fudges remind me of elementary days

Stress. Bad mood. Bad day. Bad stomach (I guess). They are the prerequisites for this.

These fudge brownies from Brownies Unlimited are good company, also stress-busters.

The taste reminds me of a fudge cooked by my special friend way back in elementary, which she styles in mini muffin papers and sells to our classmates – what’s amazing is it sold like hotcakes! Since she was blessed with a lot of books by virtue of her parents’ work, a very valuable recipe book was available to her. She followed every measurement, every procedure in the book. Well, we were elementary that time, but my point is the recipe is heaven. There’s a unique chocolate taste in every bite. I wish she has the recipe until now. 🙂

I am not a lover of  food that are so sweet  for my taste, so I indulge occasionally. I pair this fudge with a cup of warm tea, which is my best bet. The smaller the bite, the better. One small bite at a time is my motto for sweets because I savor each bite.

I have yet to try their Walnut Swirl with cream cheese and walnuts which is so tempting .

You can find Brownies Unlimited usually in SM malls. Their contact numbers are below.

Have a brownie today!


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